Thermal & CHP Systems

Excess heat generation is an unavoidable consequence of producing power from combustion and gasification processes.

Renewable Energy Technology's gasification expertise includes the harnessing all practically available energy from fuel sources - whether they be renewable or fossil fuel. Our technical expertise goes beyond power generation to include the valuable utilisation of co-generated heat from CHP engines and process plant.

We have designed and implemented CHP schemes that incorporate thermal distribution systems for numerous applications that include the drying of biomass fuels. Such an application of heat offers an efficient, closed-loop use of CHP heat to ensure high quality biomass fuels for gasification processes.

Renewable Energy Technology's experience extends to designing drying floors that form the end use of heat delivered from CHP generators. We design entire thermal systems, controlling the heat take-off from CHP or other heat source and delivering it efficiently to your application. If you want to deliver heat to an application please contact Renewable Energy Technology to find out if we can help you.