New variety virgin wood feedstock tested in NovaGen 250 Biomass CHP

by Posted >> 05/07/2012 12:00:00 AM

RET was approached by the developer of Biomass CHP schemes who was interested in RET's NovaGen wood gasification technology. The first stage of collaborative work between the two parties was to test the NovaGen 250's capability on the developer's own specific wood chip.

Over a 3 day period the plant was run first on its normal supply of mixed hardwood and softwood virgin wood chip, before seamlessly switching to the new test fuel. During the testing period extensive measurements were logged from the plants operating parameter. Analysis of the test results showed the NovaGen gasifier to be completely unaffected by the change of fuel.


Independent lab tests provided GCV results of >5.0 MJ/Nm3, easily exceeding the 4.0 MJ/Nm3 threshold required to meet Advanced ACT status for 2 ROC/MWh banding. The test period was successfuly completed and further demonstrated the NovaGen's robustness and reiability in a commercial  environment.