University of East Anglia visits RET's NovaGen 250 Biomass CHP

by Posted >> 01/10/2011 12:00:00 AM

The NovaGen wood gasification Biomass CHP system is RET's in-house technology. RET invited representatives of UEA to see our NovaGen 250 system operating in a full commercial environment to demonstrate the world-class expertise at RET in this field. UEA are seeking wood gasification expertise to support their own Biomass CHP plant which has failed to meet its design performance criteria. The NovaGen 250 produces a constant 600 Nm3/hr of syngas, sufficient to produce 250 kWe, with power exported to the local Grid. The feedstock is a mixture of locally sourced virgin hard and softwoods. RET has provided expert consultancy to UEA on their own underperforming wood gasification technology.