Renewable Accreditation

Our industry expertise ensures renewable energy projects obtain their maximum entitlement to benefits. 

The simple truth is that, although the gap is closing, renewables cannot yet compete with fossil fuels on delivered unit price of electricity. However, the wider benefits of reduced environmental impacts, diversification in the UK's energy mix and greater control of our energy security means that the UK government has implemented a number of measures to incentivise the uptake of renewable and low carbon energy generation.

Renewable Energy Technology's experience in numerous renewable projects allows us to offer accreditation services to our clients.



Most renewable electricity generated at an industrial scale is eligible to benefit from Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs). the administration of ROCs is managed by Ofgem on behalf of the Government. If you are developing a new renewable energy scheme contact us to learn more about ROC accreditation and how we can help.



Accreditation as Good Quality CHP with the CHP Quality Assurance (CHPQA) scheme can provide a number of benefits, for example moving to a higher ROC banding or the ability to claim 100% Enhanced Capital Allowances (ECAs) which are both often pre-requisites for capital investment. If you have an operating renewable CHP or are developing a new CHP scheme contact us to learn more about CHPQA accreditation and how we can help.