Biomass CHP - NovaGen

NovaGen is Renewable Energy Technology's modular Biomass CHP system based on wood gasification

RET has developed the NovaGen Biomass CHP over several years of R&D, culminating in a flexible system with individual unit output ranging from 75 to 225 kWe. These can be scaled further via the installation of multiples of the 225 kWe units.

NovaGen delivers high electrical efficiency that is double or even triple the output of competing technologies such as Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and steam turbines at the scale NovaGen operates. In CHP mode, heat is recovered at 90°C which is approximately 30-40°C higher temperature than one can obtain from an equivalent ORC system and thus can be of value to many more thermal applications.


NovaGen's Commercial Potential

The NovaGen Biomass CHP is of particular interest to electricity consumers located in remote, rural areas where their ability to expand their operations is limited by a weak grid connection to the local distribution network.

NovaGen can be operated in combination with the Grid to increase the available electricity import capacity to remote sites. In addition, RET has developed the ability for NovaGen to operate in Island mode, completely independent of the Grid.

Many remote rural locations are co-located with major estates which operate significant forestry management. In these circumstances, NovaGen offers the double benefit of using self-supplied forestry wood chip to fuel the system that enhances the electricity supply to the sites. We are finding this a very attractive proposition to customers who understand the significance of a secure biomass fuel supply along with reduced reliance on conventional grid connections for added capacity.  

The NovaGen Biomass CHP system is available at individual modular unit sizes of 75 and 225 kWe output which can be deployed in multiples which means that we are confident have a solution that is right for you.

If you feel that the NovaGen biomass CHP technology can deliver on your energy and investment requirements, contact Renewable Energy Technology to discuss its potential in detail.


Process Overview

Power is generated by gas CHP engines supplied by leading industry manufacturer MAN which have outstanding performance and reliability. Fuel is provided to the NovaGen Biomass CHP unit in the form of wood chip from either virgin timber of wood waste. If you have a source of treated wood waste contact Renewable Energy Technology to determine its potential compatibility with NovaGen.

The NovaGen gasification process converts the solid wood chip into a clean gaseous fuel that is supplied directly to the CHP generators. Under the UK governments Renewable Obligation (RO) scheme, the gas meets the criteria of an 'Advanced' ACT under which the electrical output is eligible for 1.8 ROCs per MWh.

In addition to power generation and ROCs, the NovaGen Biomass CHP produces heat which can be used for numerous applications and benefit from the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Renewable Energy Technology can work with you to develop solutions for CHP heat use that extracts maximum value for your project.


Summary of Benefits

The NovaGen Biomass CHP system will be of particular interest to:

If you would like to know more about the NovaGen Biomass CHP system, please contact us at Renewable Energy Technology.